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mercredi 27 septembre 2017

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry

No graham cracker here—it’s all about indulgence! Dark chocolate cookies are layered with fresh berries and flavored marshmallows for a tasty and beautifully presented snack.

Yields: 4 servings


  • 8 dark chocolate cookies
  • 24 strawberry-flavored marshmallows 8 fresh strawberries, sliced

1. Organize ingredients by type: Place the cookies on a platter, and the marshmallows and strawberries in bowls for ease in assembly.
2. Toast the marshmallows over a fire, under a broiler, or using a kitchen torch.
3. Place 3 marshmallows on top of 1 cookie, then add fresh berry slices on top of the marshmallows. Top with another cookie. Repeat until all the ingredients are used. Serve immediately.

No berries? No problem! Sliced bananas are equally delicious with the strawberry-flavored marshmallows. Simply slice 1 ripe banana and top the toasted marshmallows accordingly. For even more flavor, add a spoonful of Chocolate Ganache to each cookie before topping with the marshmallows. 


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